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Fan Habits

The top 3 customer uses for Olympic Grounds WiFi


Used WiFi in the Olympic grounds

More and more fans around the globe expect WiFi to enhance their experience in the stadium to check other scores, update social media and communicate with friends


of spectators in the Olympic Park used WiFi

26% of the spectators used the wifi during the olympics, making use of it to share their experience online, and communicate back home without huge fees


Was the average time spent online

Fans in the Olympic Park spent an average of 41 mins of time online, significantly enhancing their in ground experience of the Olympic Games.

280 million interactions on Facebook and 32 million tweets were sent during the World Cup Final

In a Connected Stadium, fans can tweet their opinions, share their photos, Like official club status updates, check in to the stadium with our social log in feature, and enhance their overall experience within the ground. Trying to get signal in stadiums can be a nightmare, which is why the world is pushing to get stadiums online. Don't be left behind. Read Study

Getting set up with BLACKBX in your Stadium is as easy as scanning a ticket.

A small investment for the BLACKBX solution and hardware is all that’s needed to connect fans and increase revenue potential. To find out more info on adding a cost effective WiFi solution to your stadium, contact us below.

For WiFi in Stadiums, we recommend our largest box, the Eagle.
Perfect for handling a huge 4000 connections at one time, providing a stable WiFi service and enhancing fan experience.

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