Your Brand

The WiFi customer experience should be a natural way to get your brand out there. Using BLACKBX you can fully customise the WiFi end to end.

Shoppers Habits

The top 3 customer uses for in-store WiFi


Compare in-store pricing to online pricing

Allowing customers to search products online will allow them to browse your online deals, as well as increasing their likelihood of purchasing from you.


Check and compare pricing

Customers may want to explore other pricing to ensure the best deal when looking for a product, if you offer the best deals this will work in your favour


Read online comments and reviews

Giving customers the ability to read online reviews about products may be all that is needed to push some customers to purchase a product, not having this feature may see you lose business.

WiFi in retail has been proven to increase sales by up to 2%

WiFi in retail has been proven to increase sales by up to 2% and also improves customer loyalty. Currently connecting to WiFi where data capture is required can be a nightmare. With our authentication engine users are online in under a second, this means you will get more connections and happier shoppers than your average public WiFi supplier. Read Study

Getting set up with BLACKBX in Retail is as easy as printing a receipt.

A small investment for the BLACKBX solution is all that’s needed to take your instore WiFi to the next level, engage customers and increase revenue potential. To find out more info on adding a cost effective WiFi solution to your retail environment, contact us below.

Stay In Touch

BLACKBX Will give you all the data you need to be able to keep in touch with your customers. No need for paper forms at the checkout.