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WiFi BLACKBX, share your bandwidth speed equally among students, track the websites they access to ensure they are using WiFi effectively and have a unique branding page across all of your buildings, with a seamless handoff.

What students say about WiFi in learning

Students agree WiFi is essential


Say without WiFi, college would be harder

More and more students are finding that without essential WiFi, college would be harder


Say WiFi contributed to better grades

Students say that having WiFi available, has contributed to their studies resulting in better grades


Used WiFi to get a head start while in class

Allowing your students to balance a workload through WiFi could increase their overall happiness

90% believe Wi-Fi access is as essential to an education as a classroom or a computer.

WiFi in education is quickly becoming an essential part of students learning. Grant your students access to reliable and secure WiFi with BLACKBX. 90% believe WiFi to be one of the most important factors in contributing to the success of students. Don't fall behind.Read Study

Getting set up with BLACKBX in your University, College, or School is as easy as ABC.

A small investment for the BLACKBX solution is all that’s needed to provide your students with a secure, and efficient WiFi service. Guaranteed to assist their learning. To find out more info on adding a cost effective WiFi solution to your Place of Education, contact us below.

For WiFi in Education, we recommend the Buzzard.
Capable for handling up to 1000 connections at one time, providing a stable WiFi connection for your students.

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BLACKBX Will give you all the data you need to be able to keep in touch with your students. No need for paper.