Your Brand

With BLACKBX, use our fully customisable branding feature to capture the attention of your customers by tailoring your page to suit your venue.

Customer habits

Customers who work remotely using WiFi


of brits work from coffee shops twice a week

More and more brits are beginning to work in coffee shops, use this to generate extra revenue and increase your customer satisfaction by offering reliable WiFi


Of people choose to use 4G connectivity over WiFi

A very small number use 4G opposed to WiFi, leaving a whopping 91% of people looking for a reliable WiFi connection to utilise when out and about.


of customers expect it

A huge number of people rely on public WiFi to work remotely. If your venue offers an efficient connection you could see more and more people return

Getting set up with BLACKBX in your Coffee Shop is as easy as grinding coffee beans.

A small investment for the BLACKBX solution is all that’s needed to take your Coffee Shop WiFi to the next level, engage clients and increase revenue potential. To find out more info on adding a cost effective WiFi solution to your Coffee Shop, contact us below

For WiFi in Coffee Shops, we recommend the Falcon.
Perfect for handling up to 50 connections at one time, providing a stable WiFi connection for your customers.

Stay In Touch

BLACKBX Will give you all the data you need to be able to keep in touch with the customers at your Coffee Shop. No need for paper forms at the checkout.