Your Brand

The WiFi customer experience should be a natural way to get your brand out there. Using BLACKBX you can fully customise the WiFi end to end.

Customer habits

Why having WiFi in Bars is essential


Wan't free WiFi when out in a bar

The expectation of free WiFi in a bar is growing, your customers may choose to go elsewhere if adequate WiFi isn't provided. Don't lose out.


Want to update social media while in bars

Getting your brand noticed on social media can be vital to business growth, use our Facebook checkin feature to get your brand exposed to the masses


Would return to a bar with WiFi

Keep your customers coming back by providing a reliable wifi service, enhancing customer satisfaction.

WiFi in bars is estimated to increase annual income by up to £10,000

Increase sales by up to £10,000 per year. You can provide an efficient WiFi service whilst gathering useful marketing data on your customer base.Read Study

Getting set up with BLACKBX in your Bar is as easy as pouring a pint.

A small investment for the BLACKBX solution is all that’s needed to take your Bar WiFi to the next level, engage customers and increase revenue potential. To find out more info on adding a cost effective WiFi solution to your Bar, contact us below

For WiFi in Bars, we recommend the Falcon.
Perfect for handling up to 50 connections at one time, providing a stable WiFi connection for your customers.

Stay In Touch

BLACKBX Will give you all the data you need to be able to keep in touch with the customers in your Bar. No need for paper forms at the checkout.