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Capture data over WiFi

Here at BLACKBX we are all about adding value to existing and new WiFi networks. We provide a cost effective solution to gathering information from public WiFi networks. You can get useful, real time analytics about your customers. Track new / return visits, identify peak visit times and generate a customer mailing list.

Get started with UniFi



Select the size of hardware for your business

Depending on the size of your venue you will need to pick suitable hardware to manage connections. All boxes can be retrofitted onto any existing network.

Bitmap cafe@3x

Starting at £60

This box is ideal for handling small venues like a Cafe. It will permit 30 concurrent connections.


Starting at £90

This box is ideal for handling medium sized venues like Cinemas, Holiday Parks and Retail Stores. The box will permit 50 concurrent connections.

Bitmap cinema@3x
BLACKBX shopping centre

Starting at £180

The large box is ideal for handling large sized venues like shopping centres and supermarkets. It will allow for up to 100 concurrent connections.

Group boxes
router in box
router our box
router + mktik

Self Install

Your box delivered. Plug & Play.

We send the hardware via first class delivery to your business. It will normally arrive within 1-2 days.

1. Plug in the box to a power source.

2. Link your existing router to your box via the ethernet cable supplied.


Setup a subscription with BLACKBX.

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