Loyal Customers should be King

Loyal Customers should be King

Loyal Customers should be King 2048 1311 Sebastian Hillinger

Omnichannel Marketing, Snackable Content and Storyscaping – we know, there are many cool words around the broad topic of marketing. Actually, there are so many fancy words that sometimes you get the feeling some of the marketeers don’t even know what they’re talking about. Even global businesses, while implementing worldwide online strategies, forget about fundamental commercial principles. It’s all too easy to get lost in the marketing jungle.

The most crucial principle revolves around your returning customers. They’re the base your business is built on and you should never forget that. Instead of channeling all your efforts into acquiring new clients, why not take a second and reflect on the fact that your business isn’t able to serve all possible customers out there. The number of customers you can do business with is finite! So, why not channel your efforts into making the customers you already have happy and stay with your brand?

Not convinced? How about this fact: returning customers could only cost you 4% as much as acquiring a new one AND they spend more than the double amount of money.

That’s why the big players usually have a Loyalty Program in place for their returning customers. The good news is, Loyalty Schemes can now be implemented for businesses of any size. It’s neither expensive, nor time-consuming to add a Loyalty Program to the marketing strategy of your business.

If you want to learn more about Loyalty Programs, their importance for your business and the benefits you and your customers can get from them, have a look at our free eBook. Find out how you can transform your business today to really connect to your customers. 

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