Learn how to boost your business with SMS and Email Marketing

Learn how to boost your business with SMS and Email Marketing 2048 1311 Sebastian Hillinger

No matter where we go, we make sure to carry our mobile with us. It helps us to find the way, check when the bus is leaving, watch cat videos or to text friends to see where they are. 

This development has transformed the marketing world profoundly. There are now loads of new opportunities for businesses to contact customers easily, efficiently and cheaper as ever before. When we look at today’s marketing landscape, there are two crucial methods that became indispensable:

Marketing through Text Messages and Emails.

Customers can now be reached easily and instantly through their mobile phones. All that’s needed is a phone number or an email address to send them promotions, interesting offers or the latest news.

In order to demonstrate which advantages and drawbacks both methods have, we put together a new eBook for you. Discover interesting statistics about these two online marketing methods and find out which one is more suitable for your business. Furthermore, you will learn how often you should send out information to customers and how suitable online marketing can affect your return on investment.

Download your eBook today and make sure you are not missing out on the opportunities that text & email messaging holds for your business.

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