How WiFi Can Help Boost Guest Reviews Of Your Venue

How WiFi Can Help Boost Guest Reviews Of Your Venue

How WiFi Can Help Boost Guest Reviews Of Your Venue 780 780 Douglas Brown

It comes as no surprise that great guest review scores are one of the main factors for your business’s financial success.

Guests score you on a number of factors, such as the level of service and the quality of products you provide. It is, in essence, a grade of the customer experience at your business.

So just imagine…the service is great, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the venue is fantastic and the food and drinks…to die for! Imagine letting all that goodwill evaporate when your guests can’t access the WiFi.

Now you may think that will not influence their experience as 4G is widely available, however, 86% of tablets require WiFi, not 4G for internet connection and in recent surveys, 75% of respondents reported that a good WiFi experience would influence them returning to that venue.

There are some easy steps you can take to improve the guest experience and the review score of your business. 

Welcome Your Customers

A WiFi welcome page that is branded for your venue is a great way to welcome guests


 and to further advertise your business. It is also a way for you to ask customers 

information about themselves in exchange for free WiFi. This simple method is a brilliant way of getting more back from your WiFi, as well as offering a reliable connection for your guests.

Welcome Them Back

In every business the key to success is offering a product that people want to come back for, again and again. Once your guests return to your venue, they do not have to enter any information to connect to WiFi. They will seamlessly connect just as they would at home, and why not welcome them with a ‘welcome back’ email? That’s now possible with our Marketing Automation Feature

Know Your Guests

BLACKBX  Insights

As well as giving your customers a fantastic experience, wouldn’t it be great if your WiFi could give you, the business owner, something in return? With a good Guest WiFi solution, you can now know how often guests return, which days/times they return, how long they stay and much more. Very valuable data for the savvy business owner.

Keep the Conversation Going

So your review scores are increasing and you have a growing, happy and loyal customer base, that you know quite a lot about. The information obtained can be used to spread brand awareness with your customers and give “calls to action” through loyalty programs, special offers & discounts.

So, why not invest in great guest WiFi system to make your customers happy, increase your review scores and use fantastic marketing tools to keep them coming back?


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