Building Customer Loyalty With BLACKBX

Building Customer Loyalty With BLACKBX

Building Customer Loyalty With BLACKBX 1244 700 Chris Wilkie

If you’re the owner of a well established business then it’s quite likely that you are among those to have been frustrated by the difficulty of keeping track and delivering tailored services to repeat customers. You will undoubtedly have wanted to reward those customers who keep on returning and spending their hard earned money on your products and services. You might also have been concerned about the prospect of your most valuable customers being lured away with targeted campaigns and special offers. If these scenarios sound familiar then you should check out the helpful information and tips in this blog.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves” – Steve Jobs

Obtaining Valuable Customer Data

Whether you’re the owner of a classy restaurant or cool cafe you’ll undoubtedly have experienced the difficulty of keeping track of your loyal customers. You might have had the embarrassment of forgetting the name of a customer who has visited your business five times over the course of a single month. Or perhaps you’ve recommended one of your popular pasta dishes to a customer who has already told you that they’re gluten free. It’s just so hard to keep tabs on the preferences of all of your customers in the busy hospitality environment.

Of course it would come across as rude to ask your customers directly for their personal details. However, people are generally quite happy to share names, birthdays, and email addresses in return for free WiFi access. Such information can be put to excellent use in the creation of targeted marketing campaigns and delivery of personalised service. It’s really worth reciprocating with a little extra for those customers who log on to your free WiFi.

You might be concerned about the amount of time that will people will spend lounging and freely surfing your free WiFi. However, in our experience the WiFi users are generally quite conscious about the amount of time that they spend. They often make repeat purchases of coffee and sweet treats as the guilt-factor kicks in.

Developing targeted campaigns

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the marketing possibilities of your free WiFi system. You could schedule regular SMS messages featuring special offers and information about upcoming events. Separate emails could sent out to customers under the age of 30 who enjoy ice cold frappuccinos and single mothers who like to buy treats for their little ones. You could ask your most regular customers to leave Google Business or Trip Advisor reviews. The use of such methods will mean that your business remains at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

Other ways of boosting customer loyalty include:

  • Providing customers with coupons and offering time-limited deals
  • Training staff members, ensuring the delivery of outstanding  customer service
  • Sending out targeted messages to customers who reach milestones.

You can use the BLACKBX system to measure the impacts of your targeted loyalty campaigns and make adjustments for the best business results. There is the option of directing the WiFi users to surveys featuring questions about the quality of service and decor within your restaurant or cafe. Changes can then be made based on customer preferences for an upturn in your business fortunes. Get in touch today for more information about the boost in customer loyalty that may be realised upon the installation of a BLACKBX system.