5 Reasons to offer guest WiFi for your customers.

5 Reasons to offer guest WiFi for your customers.

5 Reasons to offer guest WiFi for your customers. 1920 1173 Douglas Brown

We now live in a world where we are beginning to rely on public WiFi networks more and more.

Making use of WiFi on the go, to communicate with friends and family and catch up on work. Providing WiFi in your venue will allow you to rapidly grow customer loyalty and happiness whilst generating more income for your business.

Here are 5 reasons why you should offer a free WiFi service to your customers and guests.

1. Increase sales.

By offering a free WiFi service, you are more likely to notice customers staying in your venue for the longer period of times. 62% of businesses stated that customers spend more time in their venue if a free WiFi service is offered, with 50% of these customers likely to spend more money also.

2. Understand your customer base.

With a system like BLACKBX in place, you can offer a legally compliant customer wifi service, which will allow your customers to input data such as ’email’, ‘location’ ‘gender’ etc before connecting to the wifi. This is produced into a report for you on the dashboard with lots of other information that help you understand who your customers are, where they come from and how long they spend at your venue. This offers insights you would never have had before, and again lets you generate more sales for your business.

3. Meet customer expectations.

People are now becoming more accustomed to using free when out and about. WiFi is now available almost everywhere in a common city environment so providing WiFi to your customers is a big advantage. 1 in 10 customers admit to leaving a venue if free WiFi isn’t available for them to utilize. These figures could be damaging to a business, and it risks the loss of business to competitors.

4. Attract new customers.

In busy cities like Edinburgh, London and Glasgow to name a few, offering free WiFi is vital in increasing the amount of customers you receive. When traveling abroad most tourists are always looking for free WiFi when in a public environment to allow them to catch up with family and friends when on holiday, without the heavy costs associated with SMS/calls to and from abroad. Offering a WiFi service will make your business stand out, and is guaranteed to increase loyalty and traffic if the system is fast and reliable.

5. Cheap setup fees.

Setting up a BLACKBX WiFi network is extremely cheap when you think of the potential revenue you could gain from a system like this. A common myth is that installing public WiFi is a costly deal, however, we are here to prove that isn’t the case. A one of cost for the hardware, most commonly £90, then a recurring monthly subscription fee. With the use of marketing, increased traffic and enhanced knowledge of your customers, these costs are minimal compared to the revenue that can potentially be made.

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