3 Tips for Growing Your Restaurant Business with WiFi

3 Tips for Growing Your Restaurant Business with WiFi

3 Tips for Growing Your Restaurant Business with WiFi 800 533 Scott Calonico

Finally, you’ve landed your dream job of managing and running your own restaurant.

You’re serving all your favorite foods, the ambience is just right and you’ve got the latest and greatest IPA on tap for all the twirly moustached hipsters to quaff. After opening, your business did ok for a few months, but, after the initial excitement, traffic seems to have dried up. Even the hipsters have moved on to the next place serving Icelandic grapefruit IPA.

Your dream career is in danger of dying unless you do something – and fast. You’ve got a great product – your restaurant – the only thing is that nobody knows about it. The problem? Marketing. You’re doing it wrong. But, before you pull out that check book to start paying a restaurant consultant, we wanted to share with you three quick and easy tips you can start doing TODAY to drive traffic to your business using WiFi.

Market to 3 Visits

This is the part that many people in the hospitality business seem to forget. Sure, you want your customers in the door, but you also want to keep them coming back. According to Jon Taffer, of Bar Rescue, if a customer comes into a restaurant and has a great experience, the likelihood of them making a second visit is 40%. If the same customer comes and has a great second visit, the possibility of them making a third trip to that same business rises to 42%. Pretty good, right? But here’s the kicker – on the third visit, the statistical probability of that customer making a fourth visit rises to over 70%.

And, if you’ve seen Bar Rescue, you know that Jon Taffer knows what he’s talking about. 

As we all know, that recurring revenue is the sweet spot that we’re looking for. Imagine if you had a business packed with customers who had visited four times or more and consistantly kept coming back

So what’s the secret? Incentivise. One restaurant trick of the trade is to seat new customers in a certain part of the restaurant or give them a specific color napkin to identify them. These are some great tricks, but we’re in the 21st century now. And you’ve got WiFi on your side.

(Right? If not, head over and sign up for a free trial now. Don’t worry. We’ll wait.)

Instead of a napkin, send your new customer an automated email or SMS venue 10 minutes after they’ve left your place with – and get this – the offer for a free side dish on their next visit. BAM! Who’s going to turn that down? The customer sees the message and returns. Sure, you’re out a few bucks worth of food, but you’ve earned another visit.

Great, right? Sure, but we’re not done yet. Let’s get ’em back in. How about offering a free drink? BAM! This time, another ten minutes after the customer has left your venue they’ve gotten a coupon for a free drink the next time they stop by. BAM! An easily incentivised third visit.

And the best part? It was all automatic!

Leverage Social Media

You might have heard the tale lately of the Instagrammer who was out trying to score themselves a free hotel room. Just between us, that whole situation got out of hand and we’re not sure who came out looking better. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to influencers on social media. Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily going to cost you a hotel room.

Let’s say you’re running a taco place in Shoreditch, London. Do a Instagram search for Instagrammers in London. Take a look at how many followers they have. Maybe even concentrate on foodies (easy to spot because they have lots of pictures of food, IPAs and twirly moustaches in their feed). Drop them an Instagram message with a coupon for a free taco. The Instagrammer comes to your taco place, tries a taco – taking a picture first, of course and sending it through your free WiFi to their feed. In minutes, your taco creation is seen by thousands of followers. And what did it cost you? A taco.

Even better, when you offer WiFi in your business, redirect your customers to your restaurants Instagram page after they login. A not-so subtle reminder! 

Here’s a short video showing how our friends over at Tapa use their WiFi and social media to keep their business growing: 

Curate Online Reviews

These days restaurants can live and die by social media reviews. Tripadvisor, for example, has reviews on over 18,000 restaurants just in London alone (not counting the fake restaurant that a journalist concocted). So it’s more important than ever to let your customers have their say. What better way to do this than to (gently) remind them to leave a Google or Tripadvisor review right after they’ve left your restaurant? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to download our free e-book to see just how important online reviews are and how you can use them to grow your business.


See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it? We showed you three different ways you can use social media and automated marketing to grow your restaurant business for just a fraction of the pennies you’d pay one of those fancy restaurant consultants. And if you’re still looking for a few more tips, be sure to check out this article our friends at Big Flavour marketing wrote about running a successful restaurant. 

And don’t forget the best part of automated marketing – the “automated” bit.

When you’re running a hospitality business like a bar or restaurant you don’t have time to learn and configure software packages. You just want to run your place the best you can. Which is where BLACKBX comes in. Run automated marketing campaigns, build your email lists, and offer fast, safe and secure WiFi all in one package. What more could you ask for?

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